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Brow Fixing

 4 different fragrances


About Borrow Brows

Borrow Brows is founded by makeup artist and eyebrow expert @livaporiete
"My philosophy is that you can achieve masterful results when you have the right tools in-hand."

I could not find products that really lift and hold my eyebrows in place all day long, so I happy to present brow paste.
That’s Borrow Brows mission to empower everyone to feel their most beautiful was born!
No doubt - Your eyebrows are 90% of your selfie.


When it comes to the goods in your cosmetics case, brow makeup is truly the unsung hero.  When you want your brows looking totally flawless for hours on end, reach for this pick. 



When your brows need just a little something-something, reach for this brow paste. The right brow product can totally change your look, no matter how much or how little other makeup you’re wearing.



Many brow products can contain harsh and drying ingredients, such as alcohol, which can ultimately end up making your brows look worse in the long run. That’s I recommend this clean formula, packed with coconut oil. 




Strelnieku street 2, Riga, Latvia

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Insanely easy way to get the best brows of your life

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